Is a physical catalyzer which uses the earth’s magnetic field to invert the polarity of magnetic molecular attraction of various substances in suspension or solution thereby eliminating their ability to deposit on tubing, vessels, or infrastructure

When a fluid " be it water or hydrocarbon " moves through our catalyzer, the mineral salts, silicas, paraffins, and asphaltenes in solution undergo a permanent reversal in their molecular magnetic polarity and assume the same polarity as the metal, PVC, or concrete tubing they travel through. Molecules of the same polarity repel each other, which phenomena allows for the gradual removal of existing scales or paraffins and prevents their future formation.




Solavite is a highly diamagnetic physical catalyzer whose function is to de-scale and de-foul tubing and machinery while keeping these free of scales and incrustations of any kind. Solavite optimizes fluid system performance, extends equipment lifespan, and drastically reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

It does not alter the chemical properties of water or hydrocarbons

Solavite is a revolutionary physical treatment for a pervasive problem in the oilfield and industry. Environmentally benign and highly effective. Solavite eliminates the need for traditional chemical and mechanical remedies commonly used to address the enormous problems caused by organic and inorganic incrustations.


Increases fuel economy


The Solavite catalyzer can be used to catalyze fuels and increase their yield. When employed, the catalyzer disrupts the cracking of hydrocarbon molecules allowing greater oxygenation at a molecular level.

With increased oxygen in the air-fuel mixture, an increase in energy yield is achieved which results in fuel savings and greater burn efficiency; be it fuel oil, Diesel, or Nafta, resulting in a cleaner burn and less black smoke caused by incomplete combustion.






 Does not alter hydrocarbons

 Solavite catalyzers efficiently descale oil tubing, flow lines , heater-treaters and separator tanks
        (gas, paraffin, water).

 Cleans pipelines and valves in their entire run – without limits in distance

 In storage tanks with scales and incrustations, the Solavite catalyzer gradually causes
         the scale and deposits to go back into solution and be eliminated.

 Ends the need for chemical or mechanical cleaning thus avoiding downtime

 Simplifies maintenance and reduces associated costs

 Eliminates the need to replace fouled tubing

 Eliminates the need for costly chemical and mechanical cleaning of pipes and vessels

 olavite works without chemicals or electricity, which results in simplified oilfield compliance with environmental regulations







Incrustations of Paraffins and Asphaltenes


The Solavite physical catalyzer is used to prevent incrustations of paraffins and asphaltenes in flowlines to tank batteries and separators (gas, paraffin, water).

Solavite technology replaces conventional cleaning methods:




Introduces mechanical force to remove scale and deposits


Pumping additives such as organic solvents or acids through pipe systems


Injection of hot substances (steam, water, air, etc…) to dissolve incrustations and increase their solubility





Results of effective cleaning:



Solavite catalyzers do not use chemicals or energy to deliver these results






Solavite Oil & Gas Applications



Our SolaviteCatalyzer works as a corrective and preventive device that inhibits scale formation of paraffins and asphaltenes in oil pipelines, separation tanks, storage tanks, refineries and other related processes and infrastructure.

Our Solavite catalyzer eliminates and prevents fouling in the cooling water systems of refining processes and the production of petrochemical products, which increases the thermal efficiency of the refining and petrochemical plants and their production productivity.

Our Solavite catalyzer eliminates organic and inorganic scales in drainage and drainage lines. Therefore, maintaining a stable production line and reducing chemical, acid, hot oil and pig run interventions in the well, generating significant economic benefits .