Solaviteis a highly diamagnetic physical catalyzer whose function is to eliminate existing scale and deposits in tubing, equipment, and machinery and keep these free of same, allowing optimal function, extended service lifespan, and a dramatic reduction in maintenance and operating costs.

It does not modify the chemical parameters of either water or hydrocarbons

It is a physical treatment which is 100% environmentally friendly and provides substantial technical/economic benefits. Solavite eliminates the need for chemicals and simplifies traditional mechanical methods.


Solaviteis a physical catalyzer which uses the earths magnetic field to invert the polarity of molecular attraction of salts in aqueous solution, thus becoming repelled instead of attracted to tubing and vessel walls . Solavite prevents incrustations in tubing, boilers, and other equipment and systems.

It does not modify the chemical parameters of water or hydrocarbons

It does not alter the chemical properties (ions) of substances, it acts only to invert the magnetic polarity of molecules


Solavite is a physical , highly diamagnetic catalyzer whose function is to both descale and maintain scale free all tubing, equipment, and machinery allowing optimal function ing and extended service life. Dramatically reduced maintenance and operating costs are the end result.





Benefits of the Solavite Catalyzer


Eliminates the habitat of bacteria and microorganisms.

Reduces the consumption of energy and fuel.

Extends useful lifespan of systems and equipment.

Reduces costs of replacing equipment and infrastructure as well as savings in man hours.

Does not cause corrosion.

Does not alter the chemical properties of water.

Prevents new incrustations and gradually eliminates existing incrustations, keeping tubing and vessels          clean.

A 100% environmentally friendly alternative that delivers results without the use of toxic chemical
         treatments or energy.





Our catalyzers do not use chemicals or energy to deliver these results



Solavite Hydro Applications



Each millimeter of scale in a boiler represents a 15% increase in fuel consumption. The Solavite catalyzer eliminates 100% of scale and prevents future formations, generating important economic benefits as it reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs.


Part of the water circulating through a cooling tower evaporates, leaving behind salts and carbonates that increase the concentration of fouling in the circulating water. The buildup of fouling and scale reduces the cooling capacity significantly increasing the consumption of electrical energy.


Our Solavite Catalyzer can descale the joint, the column pipe, as well as the discharge and delivery lines. It is can also extend the service life of pumping equipment and reduce the frequency of traditional maintenance: pistoning, brushing, compressed air, etc.





Each Imm of incrustation on boiler walls results in a 15% increase in fuel consumption.


Incrustations form an insulating barrier which reduces heat transfer on both sides of heat exchangers - both water and gas sides.


Incrustations diminish the energy efficiency of boilers and increase the fuel consumption per unit of steam produced.




The use of our catalyzers translates to significantly reduced electric energy consumption, water, and maintenance and operation costs







Cooling towers




Some of the water circulating in a cooling tower is lost to evaporation , leaving behind salts and carbonates which increases the rate of incrustation in tubing and vessel walls.


The accumulation of contaminants and incrustations reduces cooling capacity and requires greater consumption of electricity.






The use of our catalyzers translates to significantly reduced electric energy consumption, water, and maintenance and operation costs





Water Wells




Solavite catalyzers descale casing, tubing, and flowlines. Increased service lifespan of pumps is achieved and the frequency of traditional equipment service intervals is extended: swabbing, brushing, compressed air, etc… are no longer needed.


Results are achieved in a looped system wherein a portion of the produced water is run through the catalyzer and recirculated to the well perforations. This is sufficient to induce a diamagnetic effect on all tubulars and prevent scale formation as well as remove existing scales.





The use of our catalyzers translates to significant savings in electricity, water , maintenance, and operating costs.