As the Solavite catalyzer restores the unimpeded flow of water or hydrocarbons through pipe systems, a substantial increase in efficiency and a reduction of downtime provide measurable bottom line benefits and enhanced ROI for our customers.




Prevents scale / deposit formation and removes existing scale /deposits, thereby keeping tubing free and clear.

Replaces water softeners and conditioners , eliminating the use of chemicals.

Prevents corrosion and removes existing corrosion

Does not alter water or hydrocarbon chemistry.

Eliminates habitat for bacteria and microorganisms, improving drinking water quality.

Improves the taste and smell of drinking water.

Reduces energy and /or fuel consumption.

Reduces replacement costs for oil country tubular goods and saves material and man hours.

Extends equipment and systems lifespan

Increases productivity and reduces operating costs





Replaces chemical and mechanical scale/paraffin remediation and reduces production downtime

Unlimited flowrate capacity as the catalyzers are modular.

No temperature or pressure limitations after fluids have been run through our catalyzer.

100% efficiency in the control of all types of ions.

Removes scales caused by salts or corrosion. It causes no additional corrosion.

Prevents the formation of new scales , deposits, or corrosion.

Neither adds nor subtracts any component of the treated fluid, thereby maintaining fluid density.

Increases productivity and reduces operating costs.

Does not modify hydrocarbon chemical characteristics or the potability of water,
          thus eliminating contamination hazards when generating steam.







    Our catalyzers use neither electricity nor chemicals to produce these results



    Before Solavite

    After Solavite

    Before Solavite

    After Solavite





    Prevents new scaling/deposits and gradually removes preexisting scaling/deposits and corrosion



    Before Solavite


    After Solavite

    Before Solavite

    After Solavite